Awarded - The Gold Standard Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge.

Friday, 1 February 2019

Winter is here

Today all students demonstrated quality resilience and perserverance. Storming up Moel Elio and Elidir Fach. The students experienced winter mountaineering at it's finest and successfully reached the summits with layers of warm clothing and hot chocolate to keep up their energy. Fantastic attidudes with smiles all around!

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

A fun and wintery day in Snowdonia

If you looked at the forecast today,  you would have thought that canoe and orienteering would be activities that would not be possible. However, our currrent year 8 group rose to the challenge and pushed out of their comfort zone. 

Lunch at the local lake proved to be a special occasion. Under a tarp, with the Kelly Kettles on full steam,  the hot chocolate proved a winner

No stopping here, with a range of evening activities after evening meal the young people will sleep well this evening. 

Monday, 14 January 2019

First group of the year

Great first day out with our 1st group of the year with groups enjoying a day underground and on the mountain.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Training and Traning

An very important aspect of centre life is traIning.  By undertaking lots of site training it ensures as a centre we are current, that staff share good practice, its keep us sharp, allows us to improve what we offer. It also allows us to demonstrate , when we get inspected for our AALA licence we take safety and responsibility serious.

This time we visited an abseil site and looked at how we rig, what techniques we deploy when teaching abseiling and how to solve common problems ( always best to avoid them in the first place ) It also gave the centre a chance to train some of our staff who had not used this site.

Thursday, 22 November 2018

A mountain day in North Wales....

It was the mountain day for the groups staying at Blue Peris today and the day was crystal clear, with brilliant blue skies and very little wind. A perfect mountain day! Groups reached their assigned peaks and their reward were these amazing views...

Both of our groups have really pushed themselves this week. We would like to say well done to them all!

Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Winter is coming!

Fantastic day today! The activities the school groups took part in today facilitated a focus into developing core aims i.e. independence, personal organisation and stepping out of our comfort zones. A very successful and important day delivered by our Blue Peris staff!

In additon, both groups having amazing resilience to the very low temperatures recieved today. One group taking on the mighty gourge Afon Ddu. wading through water, scrambling on rocks and even taking on the challenging jump into the water pool at the end. The second group exploring Wrysgan slate mine. every individual facing a personal challenge down there, whether that's the dark, heights or the unknown. However, they all came out with big smiles and positive comments. One person even said that they have a new perspective on life and thinks what they have achieved has been life changing.
Brilliant news for us here at Blue Peris!

Monday, 5 November 2018

Family fun

A very enthusiastic and friendly family wanting a rock climbing adventure day- they definitely came to the right place! Our staff delivered rock climbing at different North Wales crags then finishing with a long abseil.
During the morning we visited the pinnicles crag by joe brown which overlooked a great view of snowdon- which made for a great spot for lunch also! In the afternoon we visited Tryfan bach to climb a route roughly 45m. Then lastly we set up an abseil on the crag which everyone loved. 
Very successful day, with the family giving great feedback when saying goodbye. in addition, to following up with a positive email to say thanks.