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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Who said Maths was boring ?

At the centre, Outdoor Education is what we offer, and one example is the combination of adventurous activities, maths and the NC.

Some examples of a recent course are 

  • How to predict tides using a graphical model on a PC
  • How to find nights of cliffs using trigonometry
  • The theory of traversable networks
  • Using Algebra to predict the time to complete a mountain walk
The school made the comment " It was a great week"

The students made the comments 

" A life changer"
" A fun and educational once in a lifetime experience
" What a great place to learn"
" An adventure I will not forget"


" I learnt to wash up"

 Lets hope that skill went back home and they surprised their parents !

Friday, 26 June 2015

End of a fun filled, brilliant, exciting, wet and wonderful week.

Today is the last day of activities for both groups staying at both BP and the OSL. Most groups seemed to head to the waters of Wales today, with a lot of gorge and SLT action taking place. As you can see from the pictures everyone and I mean everyone ended up wet! It was merely a matter of whether it was fresh or salt water that seemed to be the main difference! We're sure that all the children who have spent their time with us this week have learnt a lot, both about themselves and also about the unique area in which we live.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

It's nearly Friday!

The centre was shrouded by hill fog this morning, a big change from the last couple of days. The children walking around the centre seemed pretty tired...but I'm glad to report that it all changed as soon as they left to go an experience the wonderful outdoor activities North Wales has to offer. Groups in the mountains,  groups pushing in teachers whilst kayaking on the lake (things you could never get away with in school!) and generally making the most of their 2nd to last day.
Tyrolean Traverse Cable Bay

Time for a dip in the Afon ddu

The misty mountains- Elidir Fawr

Diving for Oysters in Llyn Padarn

Sit on Top fun- Llyn Padarn

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Where the mountains meet the sea.

Today saw one of the groups heading down the Llŷn Peninsula ( an area we don't visit that often) and up on Garn Ganol. It was a very spooky and misty experience for them all, but there were cheers and shouts when they finally reached the top.  The 100mph winds they thought they experienced, was in fact only 25mph ( but we let them think it was!). Determination makes a big difference in the mountains, and we find these days show the children a lot about themselves and each other. Other groups headed out climbing, kayaking and abseiling, but we endeavour to give them all a true taste of the mountains during their stay.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Happy Sunny days!

Tuesday has seen the groups range far and wide across North Wales- up the mountains, along the coast, through the narrow and winding gorges. Experiencing new environments and broadening experiences is what outdoor education is all about! The laughing and happy voices ringing around the centre are certainly testament to that!
You can almost feel the heat off the rocks

A great day to get wet

overcoming fears at Blast shelter

Monday, 22 June 2015

Busy Days

We're back!
There are still some technical issues to sort out, but hopefully we should be able to post most of this week!
After a very long coach journey, we had a lot of very excited children arrive at Blue Peris last night, as well as another group arriving at the OSL down the road. The rain has given way to sunshine and we've had groups out doing lots of activities in the mountains, the lakes and on the coast.
Sea Level Traversing at Cable Bay

Rock Climbing at Yellow Wall

Gorge Walking in the Afon Ddu

Canoeing on the beautiful Lyn Padarn

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Sorry for no updates

We are sorry there have been no recent up dates to the blog. Unfortunately we are having technical issues in the process that allows us to place posts.

We hope to be back up and running soon.
Many thanks for your patience

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Cofiwch Tryweryn

A memorable day today, with a trek out to Canolfan Tryweryn white water centre, but did you know that this unique facility only exists due to the creation of Llyn Celyn reservoir. This was created in the 1960s to help supply water to big cities over the border, leading to the death of the community of Capel Celyn, when all the residents were moved out to flood the valley.

Today water is released into the Afon Tryweryn to control water levels in the Dyfrdwy (aka Dee) downstream, into which the Tryweryn flows. This does mean that during these releases, that there is plenty of water in the river for all sorts of splashing on the white water rafts.

Splash no. 1

Splash no. 2

Getting ready for Splash no. 3

Bit more of a dunking than a splash this time.

All splashing together.

Monday, 8 June 2015

I DO like Mondays

Summer is here at last, blink and you'll miss it. Taking full advatage of the weather today, out there looking for adventure.

Kayaking on Llyn Padarn at Blue Peris Outdoor Education Centre

Water's lovely, jump in!-Coasteering at Porth Dafach

Getting to grips with the steepness., whilst coasteering on our outdoor education visit to North Wales

A spot of island hopping, In North Wales whilst coasteering 

A quick dip.


More rock!

Even more rock! whilst at Blue Peris outdoor education centre in North Wales

Friday, 5 June 2015

End of a Great Week

Glorious sunshine and high spirit's were in full flow on the last day of the course. The boys and girls continued their activity rotations so that everyone got a chance to experience a mine, climb, canoe, and a tough day on a mountain. After chatting to the students at the end of the week the mining adventures proved to be the most popular activity. Its not often that you get to take an underwater boat trip!

As an outdoor education centre we are always looking for our students to take away meaningful lessons and experiences which they can utilise in other aspects of life. During the end of course review the students reflected on the things which they enjoyed but also found challenging during the week. Referring to one of the course aims of 'To learn how to work and live with others', one the boys said that he found it 'challenging  to live with other people who were messy', but this was resolved by 'talking to each other and agreeing on who should do which job'. Furthermore, all of the students agreed that the aim of 'Learning through experience' was a great way to try new things which may have looked scary to start with.

At the top of Cnicht 

Sun cream on and ready to go

Canoe's also make great rafts to race in 

Boating in the Mine

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

All Change

The weather in North Wales is never predictable, even heading into June. Monday saw some  incredible rain and wind batter the centre and the surrounding mountains, which left us all wondering what impact it would have on the groups arriving on Monday evening!
Luckily, we are able to accommodate such extremes ( you really have to here!) and Tuesday saw a total of six groups from year 8 & 9 taking part in outdoor activities in and around North Wales with Blue Peris Mountain Centre. The children managed to fit quite a lot into their first day at the centre, as you can see from the pictures below. The weather looks to continue to improve, ,which should provide more outdoor education opportunities as the week goes on.

Canoeing on Lyn Padarn

The climbing groups really put a lot of effort in!

Happy on the hill!

The rain made for some spectacular waterfalls.

We even managed to find some water in the mines!