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Thursday, 28 April 2016

Wild weather!

Today the groups headed off into the mountains for some wild weather and memories they'll never forget!

There was rain, snow and some strong wind, unfortunately however the sun allocation for 2016 has been used so it was nowhere to be seen.

Nevertheless the groups were fantastic and kept motivated throughout.

Well done team!

Tonight the groups will be completing job resetting the centre ready for the next group of young people arriving over the weekend.  The group this week have been working on working and living with other so these jobs fit right in with their aims as the students are paired up for their jobs and have to work with each other to complete the tasks.

Thanks for a great week at Blue Peris, see you next year!

Heading back into Llanberis

Rubbish weather - great attitudes!

Well earned hot chocolate!

Heading out of Capel Curig

Making good use of the wall for shelter


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

What a week we're having here in Snowdonia. Sun, rain wind and even snow this morning all adding to the experience the young people are having at Blue Peris. Two groups headed underground today whilst another two enjoyed a rather sunny but cold gorge!

Team Gnarly on the underground raft.

Yes that is snow in April!
 The group this week are focussing on working together with peers that they may not usually work with in the classroom. Today the team rattled up the gorge speedily due to their enthusiasm and excellent support of all team members. Fantastic job team!

Excellent teamwork in the gorge today.
 Meanwhile the groups underground had a fantastic experience paddling a raft underground and climbing up waterfalls as well as lots of exploring the mines and learning about the rich history of mining.
Very steep hill!
Another great day had by all - well done team!

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Terrific Tuesday

Terrific Tuesdays, definitely was terrific today!

3 very interesting contrasting days for our 4 groups today. First two groups headed over to Cable Bay to enjoy the sunshine whilst scrambling along the rocky sea cliffs and crossing over sections of the sea on tyroleans. Its fair to say, bit of a scary day for some, and surprising they stayed dry. Well almost.
One of our Sea Level Traversing groups, taking a little break.


Navigating their way round the rocky shores of Cable Bay.

The 3rd group headed out the Gerionwydd to partake in a bit of gorge scrambling, ducking under waterfalls and swimming under bridges. Pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and realising how capable they all are. The group worked excellent together all helping each other out a different sections, making new friends and showing what excellent team work skills they have.

Team photo at the top of the gorge.
The waterfall might be a little bit cold.

And our final group went on a journey of discovery down in the Rhiwbach slate mines to see what life was like for the 18th century miners of north wales. Here they looked at some of the old mining tools, and had a little practice with them. They also found out what it is really like not being able to see anything, as we turned our torches off 300m underground, where no light from outside could interfere. 
Nice romantic candle lit lunch.
Nice bit of natural face moisturiser.

Monday, 25 April 2016

What will the week bring?

A new group arrived at Blue Peris yesterday bussing with enthusiasm and raring to go we packed up the minibuses this morning and headed all over Snowdonia for some adventures.

Here a few photos of the groups today in the gorge, the mine and by the coast.
Action shot!

Mine antics

The group this week are focussing on working together with people they maybe don't socialise with at school very much and this is an excellent challenge. They


Not really!
 Today on all the activities the groups were reliant on their peers for support and guidance, both physical and mentally. Great Job everyone well done!
Beautiful waterfall in the gorge.


Team Sea Level traverse.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

The Highs and the Lows

Scorchio! What a day, the sun has been blasting through the clouds and onto our weary students making there way up Snowdon. Despite having the option of doing one of the less physically demanding routes up, the group chose to head up the PYG track up to the summit ( where the café was closed...booo!), then guided themselves back down he miners and back to the bus. There are a lot or red faces around the centre this evening, mostly from exertion, some from the sunshine!
The Team

Its a long way down!

+The other group today have visited an abandoned slate mine. The trip brought them out of their comfort zone with abseils, zip wires and aerial walkways  testing their teamwork and nerves.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Coastal Studies

We are sorry to keep mentioning the weather but it is glorious at the moment. As a result,  the B Tec study group keep making the most of conditions. Today, sit on top kayaking on the sea and coasteering ensured the coastal day lived up to expectations.

For a full range of pictures visit out Facebook page

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Summer Summer Summertime-Bring on the Adventure

Wow- The group leader asked us to provide an adventurous course as part of the B-Tec studies and at the end of day 2  the lads have already been put through their paces.

After arriving at the centre yesterday at 9.30am by 10.30am they were back in the mini bus and off gorge walking.  After a hearty evening meal, that was followed by a theory session on mountain leadership and navigation.

Today delivered amazing weather!  One of the groups was lucky enough to benefit from the summer like conditions on Snowdon. They set off with a spring in their step ( and moved like they were on springs!), but soon slowed down, when they realised just how far they had to go! Liberal amounts of sun cream were applied too. However it was all worth it once on the summit.

It got so hot, we even managed to have a dip of our feet in the lake on the way down.

Better get some rest lads as tomorrow is going to be another busy and adventurous day.

View from the summit of Snowdon

They all wanted to go for a swim, until they discovered how cold the water was.

The other group headed down Cwmorthin mine, one of the largest slate mines in Europe ( when combined with its partner Oakley )  for a truly unique and adventurous day.  No where else in the UK can you experience  this trip . With Zip lines, traverses that skirt around the edges of the abyss! 30m above the ground and 20 m abseil  they had it all ( except the sunshine!). 

Some of them still look a bit pale ( I wonder if it was the lack of sun, or the activities they did?).

That's a big drop below! Yes there is, its actually 25m and the light is 

Andy the instructor who is lowering the lads off the ledge down to the ground below

Getting ready to have a experience of a life time

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Find Your Epic

2016 is the Year of Adventure as the Welsh government promotes Wales as being the world's capital for adventure tourism.

Involved in this is a competition called 'Find Your Epic' as Visit Wales is aiming to collect pictures of epic experiences from all over Wales. Our students took some epic photo's whilst our on their adventures today. Here they are:

The first of our groups on their way up to Tryfan, one of the most iconic mountains in Wales.

Getting ready to start their canoeing experience on Llyn Paddarn.

Climbing adventures at Lion Rock.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Wonders of Water

Exciting day gorge scrambling.

All our groups went to Afon Ddu, which translated from Welsh to English means the Black River (well River Black to be precise).

This gorge has seen quite a lot of action recently with all the heavy rain of the passed few months. It is a great example of the power water has on nature. You can see vividly how the water has eroded down the bed rock, moved boulders, and trees, creating a beautiful environment for us to enjoy.

The students in all groups worked fantastically in teams helping each other, leading each other, pushing themselves out of their comfort zones in some quite scary situations.
Lots of climbing up and across waterfalls, squeezing through narrow gaps, scrambling over boulders and enjoying natural waterslides today.

Shhh! Dont tell the weather man!

Unfortunately the weather forecast was poor today with strong winds and heavy showers. Fortunately the weather was glorious!
Sunshine and a gentle breeze were the conditions so two groups headed for the sea whilst the other group had a morning of climbing followed by a lovely afternoon on Llyn Padarn

Team two a little wet, but still siling!
 This week our group are using the week as a way of gaining independence from their parents, but also to look at leadership and teamwork. Here is the group leading  each other along the sea level traversing venue, with the instructor keeping a watchful eye on preceding's.

Helping each other along the Anglesey coastline.

Tough climbing or good photography - you decide.
 The group were really focussed this morning at Lion rock and were entrusted looking after each other and dealt with the responsibility well. After some fun games on the lake the whole group decided they would jump in of the jetty! Well done team good work!
Everyone jumped in - team effort!

Great shot!