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Friday, 27 February 2015

End of summer ML training in North Wales and HML

Today was the end of the Hill and Moorland Leader Training. The 5 candidates went away full of enthusiasm and a little tired. Their next step is to consolidate the skills they have learnt this week ready for their assessment.

The summer mountain leader training group headed of on what we call their mini break. This is a 36 hour expedition in the Welsh mountains all self sufficient.  Its a great end to the course and brings all the topics and learning into action, alongside undergoing a night navigation exercise.

They left Pen y Pass this morning, will camp high on the side of Snowdon and walk out to Rhyd Ddu on Saturday.

This will then bring an end to our week of delivering two National Governing Body training courses for mountain Training England.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

More learning on NGB awards in North Wales

Both the Summer Mountain Leader Award and Hill and Moorland Leader  training courses continue to progress with much humour, great discussions and kind weather.

Both groups have been out on the hill today and this evening the summer ml group discussed the legal and moral aspects of being a leader. The hill and moorland group headed off after tea for a night navigation sessions. 

Navigation in darkness is a crucial aspect of both courses, the summer ml group will be out night navigating on Friday evening.

Summer Mountain Leader Group out practicing their emergency rope work.

HML group

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Summer ML Training & Hill and Moorland Leader Training

Day 2 of the summer ml course, the group headed off to Moel Hebog.  The day looked at navigation, gaining a summit, leadership , hazards and route choice. With snow on the higher ground and more forecast today this peak was a good decision. 

We also started a Hill and Moorland Leader Training today.  This group looked at navigation, leadership, hazards, access and conservation.  They headed off the the North Coast around Foel Lus.

Both groups will have a discussions and lecture on the weather this evening. 

Summer Mountain Leader Award Training

Today was the start of a summer mountain leader training course. Here in North Wales we are ideally situated to run these courses with most major mountain ranges in Snowdonia on our doorstep.

After an introduction to the course, the 4 candidates went off to Cwm Tryfan  to look at micro and macro navigation, leadership, route choice and mountain hazards.

The weather, whilst chilly was dry and clear. An ideal start to the week. 

This evening the students will be having a practical session where they will be introduced to ML rope work, ready for Wednesday when they will practice this aspect on the hill.

Laura one of our centre trainees went along to be put through her paces, as she has her assessment in 2 weeks time. 

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Year 8 Outdoor Education Visit

Friday was the end of a cracking course for a group of 42, year 8 pupils who arrived on Sunday.  This week the weather never managed to bring the snow it promised, meaning the programme could be run without too many changes.

The activities and programme were tailored to meet the aims of the course. These were, listening, working as a team, challenge, taking on responsibility , building new friendships and fun.

The pupils had 4 full days to experience what Snowdonia could offer, which meant we could exposure the pupils to a variety of outdoor and adventurous experiences. Below is a sample. 

Gorge walking, with the pupil taking responsibility to carry the group equipment. A full days activity.

Out sea level traversing on Angelsey. The pupil undertaking a zawn crossing, with the teacher in the background taking a back seat, allowing for pupil to take ownership of their actions overseen buy the instructor. A full days activity.

Returning the canoes back on the beach after a session on the lake.  Team work is required to move the boats.  A half day activity.

Rocking climbing on our local crag. The instructor monitoring the supervision of the session and not 100% hands on. The pupils are taking responsibility for the controlling of the ropes. This promotes trust, team work and a high level of responsibility.  A half day activity.

Dates free in 2015

We have the last 2 weeks of November and first two weeks of December free. There will also be a winter discount applied to clients who book with us for the first time.

We can tailor a course to suit your requirements from 1 night up to 8 nights. So please contact us so that we discuss your requirements and quote accordingly. We do not offer a single cost as this often does not suit what the customer requires. What we offer is a bespoke course. 

Thursday, 12 February 2015


On the last post I informed you that the weather was stunning over the weekend. These pictures taken by Sam Brookes one of the centre's trainee instructors gives you an idea of how lucky any one on hills were at that time.

Sam was out gaining another quality mountain day for his Summer Mountain Leader Award. Details of the scheme can be found here. 

Also the centre will be recruiting again for the trainee scheme in May/June 2015 , so if this is of interest follow the link  for further details.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Rescue Emergency Care ( REC ) First Aid Course ( 2 day outdoor first aid course )

I have been running a first aid course this weekend for a group of D of E leaders and freelance outdoor instructors. With such stunning weather we spent a lot of our time in the slate quarries covering the syllabus and carrying out a variety of scenarios. 

These scenarios add value to the course by getting students to gain practical application of first aid skills.  The group were very motivated and a  good time was had by all. 

With such views and weather what a perfect classroom. The students are now valid for their first aid for the next 3 years. Hopefully they will not need to use to many of the skills learnt over the weekend. 

Full details of the course can be found on our website.

Grib Goch from the slate Quarries this weekend

Friday, 6 February 2015

New Centre Blog

Welcome to our new centre blog and new centre name. 

 Blue Peris Outdoor Education Centre. 

Our name has changed from Blue Peris Mountain Centre to reflect what we deliver and why we deliver our courses. Our primary focus is to educate and give all our clients a learning opportunity to remember. 

This blog is a new addition to what is on offer at the centre and will show case what we deliver and the fantastic environments we take our clients and students into. 

With such beautiful weather at the moment and with the mountains covered in snow what a wonderful environment to learn in.

The pictures show a year 9 year group on a mountain walk on local peaks to the centre. What a unique classroom.