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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Training the Trainees

Training and Trainees. 

North Wales has a very active trainee instructor pool due to many centres taking on trainees. As a result the centres work well together sharing both practice and traning opportunities. 

This time round was the turn of the manager Mark who spent a day inside looking at the fundamentals of rigging when climbing and introducing the concept of what to do when it goes wrong. And it did go wrong on a many occasion today. hence why always best to practice indoors to start with.

We are now looking to start the process of finding two new trainees to start in September 2016. For full details visit.

Which one is my rope

Pull, let go, hold on is this my rope or yours 

Dave Mac ( Blue Peris Trainne ) looking slick whislt passing a knot on an abseil

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Snow fun at Blue Peris

Today had a really cold start but the group this week weren't put off by this so kitted up quickly and headed into the mountains for a big day out.
Brilliant shot!
Two groups headed up Moel Eilio, one group headed to the coast to keep the sunshine and another group headed up the Crimpiau. 
The instructor was not very pleased at being covered in snow!
All groups had to work hard and brave the cold, but their perseverance paid off and they were all rewarded with brilliant views and some even with a snowball fight.
It was a lot colder than it looks!

The weather today stayed fairly cold all day but those on the coast were rewarded for facing it with stunning views and even some sunshine!

Can you see Blue Peris?
 The groups have been all working on working and living together and they have definitely worked on this today making sure they all arrived at the top of each mountain as one group with smiles on their faces (once they had their breath back!)

It was a lot colder than it looks!
 It was a great end to another brilliant week with a well mannered bunch of young people this week and we wish them all the best on their return home tomorrow. We can only hope that they don't take this lovely sunny weather back home with them!
Calm before the storm, these beautiful colours show that a snowstorm was heading our way!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Quarrymans Walk

Two of the groups who went out yesterday relived the Quarryman's walk from Llanberis up to the Dinrowic quarry next door to the centre, which the quarrymen would have walked every working day of their lives. They talked about the history of the quarry and visited the barracks which some of them would have lived in during the week.
Today, we were asked if the two other groups at the centre could do the same thing! So today has seen two groups canoeing on the lake ( less windy thankfully), working together to navigate around, after carefully putting together their craft. They then spent the rest of their time walking back up to the centre, chatting and learning about what life must have been like all those years ago.
The other two groups spent the day underground in slate mines, exploring the areas that the would have produced the slate that "roofed the world". We hope they had more fun though ( quarrymen didn't traditionally cross underground lakes in rafts!). They should all sleep well tonight, in preparation for a mountain day tomorrow!

The barred exit!

Climbing through the mine

Steep section often require ropework.

Team work on the lake.

The Anglesey barracks where the quarrymen used to stay.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

When the Wind Blows!

An amazingly clear, but cold day yesterday, saw groups out in the gorges and along the sea cliffs of North Wales. It was great to see the groups fully immersed in the activities from the offset.
looking out onto Cable Bay

Tyrolean Traverses- not for the fain hearted.

Working together in the gorge.

Exploring the coastline together.

The wind certainly picked up on the second day, its amazing how cold it can suddenly turn. Luckily, the groups chose to explore some the amazing local mines to stay out of the freezing wind, whilst others kept the heat up by orienteering around the woods and then paddling and playing in canoes on the beautiful Padarn Lake. It's been a really cold day, but the groups have all managed o pull through, working as teams to make sure that they stayed warm!
Canoeing around the old slate laggons

Entering the mines!

Exploring the slate caverns

Heading back up from canoeing- you can almost feel the cold!