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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Final day finished on a high!

Another fantastic day celebrated on the Mountains. Today the groups worked together to get to the top of Cnict and Yr Aran. The groups had the opportunity to work towards three main aims of the week; to improve personal organisation, to push themselves out of there comfort zones and to learn how to work and live with others.

Whilst these aims were a challenge for most of the group, it is fair to say that individuals worked hard to achieve these goals. Hopefully what they have learn't whilst at Blue Peris will be remembered and transferred to home life.

Scrambling up to the top of Cnict!

Group 2 at the top of Cnict

Group 3 posing in style on the side of Yr Aran.

Group 1 enjoying the sunshine at the top of Cnict

Group 3 chuffed to have made it to the top of Yr Aran!

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Day 3

The third day of this weeks course was once again action packed and full of new adventures. The groups went into the Afon Ddu gorge to slip, slide and jump, Cable bay for sea level traversing and Rhiwbach Slate mine for under ground exploration.
Navigating one of the many passages in Rhiwbach mine

A peaceful candle lit lunch for group 3 

Group 2 avoiding the waves!

Group 1 getting the most out of the chilly gorge 

Can you work out what's happening here?

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Comfort zones were definitely tested to their limits today...

The year 7's and 8's had yet another fantastic day this time exploring the famous North Wales slate mines.  One group went to Wrysgan and the other group to Rhwibach. These mine trips offer an unique adventure as not only do they challenge students, they relate to real history and the victorian era.

The 3rd group had an interesting and exciting day exploring the Avon Ddu gorge. Spirits were high when the group were able to try wild garlic for the first time.

Let's hope the weather holds up for the next couple of days to get out on the mountains.

Who doesn't love a selfie?

Clipping into the rope on one of the clip lines

Climbing up the incline in Rhiwbach mine

Students looking very serious indeed!

And they thought they would have to climb up the waterfall...

Monday, 27 April 2015

Four seasons in one day!

What going on with the weather? We've had sunshine, hail, snow and rain today. But that hasn't put any of the groups off their activities.  The year 7's arrived yesterday afternoon, expecting a full week of activities, but maybe not the extremes of weather we've been experiencing recently. Two groups managed to go Sea Level Traversing on Anglesey ( the island of sunshine), with another group going to the Afon Ddu. A pretty wet day was had by all!
Even teachers can fly.

Extreme concentration

SLT- does it ever rain on Anglesey?

Fun in the waves.

Don't fall asleep in the waterfall!

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Staff training with a twist

Today some of the staff went on staff training . How lucky were we with such a sunny and warm day. We went onto the Menai Strait which is the stretch of the sea which separates the mainland to Angelsey.

Its a venue we use with some of our groups when we take them on a canoe journey and today we focused on how we run sessions and hazard awareness.

Its is one of those truly beautiful places that we have on our doorstep. It was also strange type of day as we found a mountain bike floating down past us at one stage. With skill we managed to collect it , look close at one of the pictures.

We even managed some surfing and had much fun in trying to get back up to our start point paddling against the tide, with a variety of techniques used by staff.

The boats we used today are sea kayaks, quite a long boat being designed to cut through the water.
Surfing on Menai Strait North Wales

Look what we found !

Sea kayaking in North Wales a little over dressed I think !

Ok then you wish to steal my wave 

Discussion on route choice when working with groups.

Menai Bridge in the back ground. Another piece of engineering history by Thomas Telford

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Glorious sunshine for the end of the course!

The BTEC in Public Services students enjoyed glorious sunshine for the end of their course.

Half of the students enjoyed a rock climbing session whilst the others went on the lake in a variety of crafts.

Prior to this last night, all the students went on a navigation exercise including darkness. Here the students learnt many new skills including compass work.
It certainly had been a packed few days for the students.

Whilst the other half tried their hand at canoeing and kayaking on Llyn Padarn.

How wonderful is this ?what an classroom. Snowdon in the background.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Gorge Walking

Today, all the Public Service Access students who are staying at the centre went to the local gorge. This gave a great introduction to their course and proved they have a determined attitude. Starting at the bottom all groups made it to the top in great style. There was much laughter on the way.

Afon Ddu Gorge in Snowdonia

Hanging out at the large waterfall in Afon Adu Gorge at Blue Peris

Blue Peris gorge walking, the final hurdle

Looking Good in Afon Ddu whilst gorge walking

Friday, 17 April 2015

Canoeing, Kayaking, SOT, Jumping, Swimmming and.........Ice Cream!

The year 9's have had a very, very,very ( you get the point) wet day at the local lake ( Lyn Padarn). Group 2 spent the days dodging in an out of the lagoons, jumping off jetties and generally having a great time. Group 1 meanwhile headed across the lake for a most excellent skimming competition and some slightly rougher water, then back've guessed, more jumping and swimming. AND we still managed to fit in ice cream.We've had a real fun filled week and have got to know some of the characters from the school very well. We hope to see them again next year at Blue Peris Mountain Centre.
I can fly!

Sit on Top Kayaking
It wasn't that cold

Meanwhile, the AS level students finished there overnight expedition, they've managed to pack a lot of distance and height in over the past two days. They spent the last night out camping and practising camp craft, cooking outdoors and even managed a very early start the next morning ( which must have been very difficult after a very physically demanding week). We wish them all the best with their results.

The end of  a long day.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mining on the sunniest day of the year?

Our intrepid year 9's got up to some amazing adventures today, which has been incredibly sunny here at Blue Peris.
One of the group headed down to the lake for a morning of open boating across the azure blue waters, then headed over to Puffin Island, to catch up with the seals and puffins.
The other group headed underground, which seemed a bit strange to start with considering the weather, but as soon as we got to the underground lake, it all made sense!
The raft approaches

Clip Lines round the pool.

A very Sunny lake day.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

By the Seaside

Day three of this week saw two of the groups head out to Cable Bay for some Sea Level Traversing. This is a cross between climbing and scrambling on rocks which have been carved away by the sea. All the team members were required to help each other out and push themselves out of their comfort zones to overcome the challenges which they faced.

Tyrolean Traverse 

Getting ready to climb over the wall 

Great view over the sea 

The A-Level hill walkers spent the morning practising their micro navigation in preparation for their expedition over the next two days.
Map and Compass are still the way to navigate 

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rock and Raft

Today saw the year 9's head down to the beautiful Llyn Padarn ( in an area known locally as the Lagoons). It started off fairly overcast, but has got considerably brighter and windier as the day went on. First off, for one group was raft building, with very two very well built rafts ( no sinkers!). Whilst another group headed over to Lion Rock for some rock climbing, with pupils managing quite a few different climbs each. After lunch both swapped over to make for a full on day!

The AS Level group had a very windy day over in the Ogwen Valley, ascending Y Gribin Ridge and up onto the Glyderau, then descending some scree fields back down into the valley.
Rafting or swimming?

Crabs on the Cantilever

You can feel the concentration.

Two very very well built rafts

Ascending the rock!