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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Final day finished on a high!

Another fantastic day celebrated on the Mountains. Today the groups worked together to get to the top of Cnict and Yr Aran. The groups had the opportunity to work towards three main aims of the week; to improve personal organisation, to push themselves out of there comfort zones and to learn how to work and live with others.

Whilst these aims were a challenge for most of the group, it is fair to say that individuals worked hard to achieve these goals. Hopefully what they have learn't whilst at Blue Peris will be remembered and transferred to home life.

Scrambling up to the top of Cnict!

Group 2 at the top of Cnict

Group 3 posing in style on the side of Yr Aran.

Group 1 enjoying the sunshine at the top of Cnict

Group 3 chuffed to have made it to the top of Yr Aran!

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