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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Rock and Raft

Today saw the year 9's head down to the beautiful Llyn Padarn ( in an area known locally as the Lagoons). It started off fairly overcast, but has got considerably brighter and windier as the day went on. First off, for one group was raft building, with very two very well built rafts ( no sinkers!). Whilst another group headed over to Lion Rock for some rock climbing, with pupils managing quite a few different climbs each. After lunch both swapped over to make for a full on day!

The AS Level group had a very windy day over in the Ogwen Valley, ascending Y Gribin Ridge and up onto the Glyderau, then descending some scree fields back down into the valley.
Rafting or swimming?

Crabs on the Cantilever

You can feel the concentration.

Two very very well built rafts

Ascending the rock!

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