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Monday, 30 March 2015

A Very Wet and Very Windy Saturday -Summer ML Ropework

A group from Nottingham University Mountaineering Society spent a very wet morning at Clogwyn y Tarw ( the Gribin Facet) practising  Summer Mountain Leader rope work. 

We managed to look at a variety of skills, but spent most of the morning examining direct and indirect belays and even managed a bit of confidence roping in the early afternoon. All these skills are a key part of being a Summer Mountain Leader and for working on North Wales major peaks.

We all managed to survive the weather in the morning ( it was far worse than the pictures portray it!) Being a hardy mountaineer is key to working in North Wales.

Starting off on easy ground

The sun is just starting to break through!

What would rope work be without knots!

Moving on to some steeper ground

Friday, 27 March 2015

Another day of North Wales sunshine with everybody going to the coast for an activity.
Two groups were Sea Level Traversing and two groups were canoeing along the Menai straits. Everybody had a great day with most getting wet from either voluntarily jumping in or accidentally falling in.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

G.O.R.G.E. & M.I.N.E.

Overground, underground, all visible rubbish was disposed of responsibly. No wombles were harmed in the course of these activities. It was a Afon Ddu gorge and Rhiwbach Slate Mine swapover today.

If you can't tell what's going on all you need to know is it's dark, everyone is down the mine, and they're having fun.

If just going for an adventure in the dark isn't quite enough to get you going, find the nearest underground waterfall, and let's have a go at that.

Always good to finally make it out to the glow of daylight once again. Is the sun out?

Careful, you might get wet.

Ah, looks like someone already is wet.

One last picture for all you waterfall connoisseurs out there. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

A cracking Mountain Experience in fine Weather.

All the groups at the centre took advantage of the good weather to have a cracking day out climbing one of the mountains of Snowdonia. Two groups went up Yr Aran, and two climbed Cnicht.
Group 1 Descending from Yr Aran

Group 3 Looking across to Mynydd Mawr from the path up to Yr Aran
Group 2 Descending from the summit of Cnicht

Group 4 On the path towards Cnicht

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

More Maths and More Adventures

Today many of the students got to experience an abseil at one of our local venues - Blast shelter. This area was originally used to quarry slate but now it is an excellent arena for students to be suspended up to 30 feet off of the ground! Other students were able to explore one of North Wales's many slate mines - Rhiwbach. Inside you can still see the tools that workers used to help them extract the rock.  

Students pushed themselves out of their comfort zones today whilst abseiling.

These maths students were able to climb to success!

Who's up for an underground boat ride? Not something you do everyday!

The final cavern at the top of the Rhiwbach Slate Mine. I can see the light!

Monday, 23 March 2015

A Mathematical Approach to the Outdoors!

Monday saw  the arrival of a new group at the centre. What started as a very foggy and drizzly day, soon turned into blue skies. This weeks group are combing outdoor education and mathematics! Each activity helps show a "real life" application of maths ( trigonometry, networks etc.). As well as hard work, the groups all seem to be having a good time.
 Having a gorgeous time in the gorge!

 Its as cold as it looks!
 How high is the abseil? ( Trigonometry!)
It dried out in the end.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Wild Wednesday

Day three of this weeks course continued to provide more excitement for the year 7&8's. Whilst group one ventured into the chilly waters of the Afon Ddu gorge, group two explored the Rhiwbach slate mine, and group three were intrigued by the vast Dinorwic slate quarry and continued to learn about it in the national slate museum.
This is the Caban where quarrymen would gather during breaks to sing songs and read poetry

Did you know that slate is still used in toothpaste and cosmetics?
Stunning views over the Dinorwic Slate quarry (the second biggest in the UK)

Team photo under the big waterfall at the Afon Ddu gorge. Everyone is looking a bit wet!

Everyone in the group was brave enough to take the plunge into the pool at the top of the gorge

Using ropes to explore the otherwise impassable parts of the mine

Your camouflage needs some work girls

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Middle School Outdoor Education course at Blue Peris

It has been an excellent start to the programme for one of our regular schools that visit us.  They have been very lucky to have fine weather that has followed them here.  Determination and to overcome difficulties within a team, are two of the important aims of the course and so far, it has to be said that these students are working hard to achieve these goals. Roll on day 2 and the challenges that might follow...

One of the groups getting ready to take part in Sea Level Traversing at Blue Peris Outdoor Education Centre. They are at Porth Dafach on Angelsey and it was a beautiful day at the coast 

 Looks like someone is about to get wet !!  Better keep hanging on in there

Yes...the mountains can be sunny sometimes in North Wales! This group were very lucky to have the sunshine whilst Outdoor Rock Climbing at one of our Local Crags- Yellow Walls.

 Looking very active climbing at Yellow Walls. The group took it in turns to climb and look after each other. This activity requires trust in your friends and determination to succeed. 

The group loved canoeing at our local lake Llyn Padarn (however, they didn't enjoy getting changed at the end of a wet session!) Well they did insist in jumping in. 

One of our groups had the opportunity to explore Rhiwbach Mines. This allows the students to vista an old slate mine and see how slate was extracted. It also brings in discussions such as the Victorian times, rock types and formation, transport and provides a unique experience. 

The group looking very studious whilst being taught the history of the Rhiwbach Mines by Matt the instructor. 

Well done to Matt today as he passed his Mine Leader Award, which now allows him to take our groups underground. 

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Pack Your Bags

Nothing was getting in the way of the A-Level P.E. students from finishing their two day expedition. A combination of hard work, determination, and steely grit allowed them to battle their way through wind and driving rain. Navigation was practiced throughout the journey and many of the students were able to demonstrate the skills which they had picked up over the previous days. After taking shelter overnight and a second day of walking, the sixth formers were delighted to return to Blue Peris in time for hot showers and Pizza night!

If you would like to learn more about navigation and skills in the mountains, visit our website to see the great mix of courses which we can offer.
Learning Map and Compass Skills - there's no wifi up there!

Getting their bearings

All smiles before setting off on their expedition

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Day 2 of the A Level PE / Multi Activity Course

A great day today to be out on the hill teaching A-Level PE mountain walking aspect .
Navigation and even getting some summits in.

Using a compass to measure distance on the map

Group on their way to the top of Yr Aran

Our multi activity group were also out enjoyed the sun with some Sea Level Traversing and kayak surfing.
Having fun at Cable Bay on Angelsey

Sit on top surfing at Porth Nobla on Angelsey