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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wonderful Wet Wild Wednesday!

Today the groups were excellent at working on their independence and were kitted up quickly.  Half the groups headed off  to the the coast for some sea level traversing at cable bay whilst the others headed inland for some gorge scrambling in the fantastic Gerionydd gorge.
Learning about the sea and our impact on it, as well and jumping around in it!
  Lots of new skills were learned today and the groups capitalised on the dropping tide to examine the many rock pools and the wonders hidden in them including a star fish!  The young people worked together well to move swiftly along some breathtaking scenery and were rewarded with some great challenges such at the Tyrolean traverse pictured below.
Smiles before the Tyrolean Travers. Nerves or excitement? You decide!
 The groups not only looked at the plant and animal life there but talked about the impact humans have on the coast.  The groups were very responsive to this and a fantastic job of a litter picking the beach was done. The students came back to centre with lots of litter and smiley faces knowing the good they had done to the local environment, not to mention having a load of fun too!

Excellent teamwork working thought the gorge.
Meanwhile, in the gorge things were getting slippery and the groups did a fantastic job of helping each other down the beautiful gorge flowing out of Llyn Gerionydd.  A gentle start to allowed good movement to (and splashing) be practised. The ground soon steepened up however and the fun came thick and fast with lots of slides and waterfalls to keep the group entertained.  As you can expect teamwork is paramount in this environment and the groups did not disappoint.
Having a blast on one of the many slides - Smiles all round.
The groups will be heading to bed tonight full of praise from their teachers and instructors for their excellent team work and organisation they have displayed today.  They have learned lots about them selves, how they work with their peers, the natural environment, and how we can make sure its a wonderful place to visit for many year to come - well done all!

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Sunny and rainy and everything

Groups 3 and 4 went down to porthtrecastell for some sea level action. Groups 1 and 2 kept it local to pack in two different activities in, canoeing on Llyn Padarn and climbing down at Fachwen. Different activities, different weather too, sunshine on Anglesey, showery in the mountains.
Big splash for group 4

Don't look down!
Don't slip there group 3!

The most dangerous game of follow the leader in the world.

Paddle, paddle, paddle your canoe, gently down the lake.

Another big splash for group 1.

Climbing come rain or shine.

Monday, 21 September 2015

'Mineful' Monday!

Another fantastic set of students this week at Blue Peris. 
The first day of the week is always a tough start, with the students having to get accustomed with the many nooks and crannys of the centre. 

Mindful of their aims this week, the students proved their independence by getting their kit sorted swiftly. A little rain in the morning did not dampen their moods and the teams were quickly departing from the centre, en route to their first adventure.

Upon entrance to the mine. Leaving the light at the end of the tunnel

Mineful Monday was the talk of the town, with two of four teams heading to the Rhiwbach Mine for some un-paralled, underground exploration, whilst the other two teams headed for the Gerionydd gorge in search of waterfalls, slides and rockpools!

A rewarding slide found in the gorge

Both activities require a great deal of teamwork to navigate beyond the obstacles that are found and all of our teams displayed fantastic enthusiasm to every challenge 

Navigating through the mines can be tricky!

Amongst the courageous displays of teamwork there were unusual skills to be harnessed whilst underground! 

Paddling underground, through the deepest, darkest chambers

Excellent teamwork noticed. Negotiating tricky steps in the gorge.

Our teams in the gorge found their own tunnels and caves to explore!

Entering the 'washing machine'

Some absolutely gorge-ous weather!

Overall a thoroughly enjoyable day, with some fantastic weather to finish. Each team showing valient efforts and looking forward to continuing their learning as the week goes on.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Kayaking: Rocks

Another beautiful day in Llanberis today and the groups stayed closer to centre in order to capitalise on this and had a really full day of climbing and kayaking.

Working on their personal organisation this week, the group were tested with an earlier start to get kitted up and off down Fachwen lane to the crag, Lion rocks. 

Briefing  the group on working as a team to keep the ropes tight.

Great work by the groups this morning saw them all challenge themselves with loads of climbs. A few definitely out of their comfort zone but all smiling with the thought of their achievements over lunch.

Fun wet games on Llyn Padarn 

After lunch the groups swapped over and those who had climbed in the morning went down to Llyn Padarn to kayak on a very sunny (and slightly breezy) lake.  After a quick brief they were off exploring the lagoon and lake with stunning views and a bit of local history thrown in, with lots of fun too!

With a very early start tomorrow this was the groups last day out.  This week they have been working on their team work, personal organisation, pushing personal comfort zones and making sure that it's all done whilst having fun.  It has been a pleasure to watch this group work hard this week and they have definitely come a long way with these goals - well done!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I do like to be beside the seaside.

Day 4 – coasteering, one group headed for Porth Dafarch, the other headed on to Porth Ruffydd

This involved:

Some climby bits.
Some talky bits.

Some swimmy bits.
Some squeezy bits.

And some jumpy bits.

Everyone made it back in time for a belly full of pasty and pizza. Job's a good un.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

What is there to say ? Its been a busy few days

Some blinding evening activities last night, resulting in excellent teamwork and much laughter.

Some blinding sunshine on the hill today, which resulted in a memorable day out.

I can't see, I can't see!

The blind leading the blind, on the Nightline.

I can see the bus from here! - Enjoying the scenery.
One group heading to the summit of Snowdon
The highest mountain in Wales

No prizes for guessing. Yr Wyddfa. Highest mountain in Wales, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Bangladesh, Denmark, Gambia, Moldova, Singapore and the Isles of Scilly!

You ain't seen me, right?

Ahhhhhh! Siabod.
Yes its Moel Siabod. The other group made a speed ascent
Well done

It's behind you!
What is ?
The summit

Yesterday the groups went abseiling in the morning and white water rating in the afternoon. Another busy day and another dry day.
This evening we certainly have some tired pupils.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

A long way from home

This weeks group has undertaken an epic journey to be here, but we hope we make it worth their while ! Its down to us to show them the delights of N Wales and move them along in both their educational and personal development.

An early morning start, saw the group having a hearty breakfast at the centre before departing for the Afon Ddu Gorge.

Despite the colder weather coming in, the group managed to stay warm in the gorge despite near constant immersion in the beautiful, crystal clear water of North Wales.

Teamwork and a good sense of humour are essential and both groups were certainly buzzing on the way back to the centre.

The first day was a great success with all aims ticked and smiles on everyones faces.

Making their way up the infamous "Elephant Bottom"

It's pretty hard to stay dry in Afon Ddu Gorge

Natural water slides in North Wales gorges are such good fun

Crossing takes skill, good balance and a careful eye on the ground

Friday, 4 September 2015

What created the Mountains?

Our budding Geography students have been putting theory into practice by identifying glacial features in and around the mountains they've been climbing today,
The beautiful Ogwen valley, which is renowned for its prominent glacial features has been the location for many of the teams. They all had a great ( if very hard) day and they are looking pretty tired now.
One of our instructors explaining glacial features.

On the way up.

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

GCSE Geography and Outdoor Education combined

First day on GCSE Geography and Outdoor Education course, with three groups carrying out a river study in the Nant Peris Valley while the other two groups did a split day of rock climbing and kayaking. 

Mesuring the speed of water flow

Near the source of the stream

The charge was on to get through the first gap

Indoor climbing for these students today due to the typical welsh summer conditions

Everyone back in the centre ready to record their findings and prepare for evening activities after a well earned meal and shower.