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Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wonderful Wet Wild Wednesday!

Today the groups were excellent at working on their independence and were kitted up quickly.  Half the groups headed off  to the the coast for some sea level traversing at cable bay whilst the others headed inland for some gorge scrambling in the fantastic Gerionydd gorge.
Learning about the sea and our impact on it, as well and jumping around in it!
  Lots of new skills were learned today and the groups capitalised on the dropping tide to examine the many rock pools and the wonders hidden in them including a star fish!  The young people worked together well to move swiftly along some breathtaking scenery and were rewarded with some great challenges such at the Tyrolean traverse pictured below.
Smiles before the Tyrolean Travers. Nerves or excitement? You decide!
 The groups not only looked at the plant and animal life there but talked about the impact humans have on the coast.  The groups were very responsive to this and a fantastic job of a litter picking the beach was done. The students came back to centre with lots of litter and smiley faces knowing the good they had done to the local environment, not to mention having a load of fun too!

Excellent teamwork working thought the gorge.
Meanwhile, in the gorge things were getting slippery and the groups did a fantastic job of helping each other down the beautiful gorge flowing out of Llyn Gerionydd.  A gentle start to allowed good movement to (and splashing) be practised. The ground soon steepened up however and the fun came thick and fast with lots of slides and waterfalls to keep the group entertained.  As you can expect teamwork is paramount in this environment and the groups did not disappoint.
Having a blast on one of the many slides - Smiles all round.
The groups will be heading to bed tonight full of praise from their teachers and instructors for their excellent team work and organisation they have displayed today.  They have learned lots about them selves, how they work with their peers, the natural environment, and how we can make sure its a wonderful place to visit for many year to come - well done all!

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