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Saturday, 26 November 2016

How cold?

We've been busy working on a GCSE climbing course this week ( Part of PE), and have been pushing the students hard. They have a lot to remember: belaying, knots, climbing calls moves  etc., so we thought we'd give them a break today and taking them somewhere nice!  So, we had a good think, and thought were better to go on a freezing cold day in North Wales.... THE GORGE!!
When we arrived in the car park, even the leaves were frozen ( as well as the puddles!). There were looks of apprehension on their faces as they walked towards the entrance, but these soon turned to smiles! We managed to keep them all dry ( mostly), but they decided to change that at the end.

The final climb out.

A helping hand

How cold!

Time for a swim


Steep times
 We had a brilliant day , as you can see from the photos.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Mid week madness!

Today was a fantastic day for us here at Blue Peris. Our current group is really coming into their own! Today saw all the groups overcome a multitude of challenges (including some rain, and hail), and they even come out the other side with massive smiles on their faces. Two groups went abseiling and raft building, both teams built fantastic rafts, and everybody overcome their fears and managed to get down a tricky abseil!

Showing us how its done.

 Staying a float on the raft.

Another group decided to trade in the bad weather, and go under ground, enjoying the darkness in Rhibach

 smiles in the dark

Our final group went for a fantastic day gorge walking in the Afon Ddu; managing to battle of the elements and complete all the challenges set for them.

enjoying the view at the waterfall!

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wild Wednesday

Fabulous day for our groups today.

First group ran round the level 2 Wrysgan mine trip in record time. Numerous difficulties were overcome, in the darkness, some of which clinging onto ropes for dear life (or so they thought).

Our second and third groups went raft building and abseiling.
One of the groups even manages to stay dry on their rafts!
Great team work, great success.

Our final group went scrambling up the slippery gorge, filling their trousers up with water, squeezing through tight gaps and trying to stay dry, until the end at least.

Monday, 14 November 2016

Tyrolean on me

A new week here at Blue Peris, and another brilliant group staying with us. This group of year 9s really are up for a challenge, and we are looking forward to some brilliant adventures through out the week. Today we saw two groups looking at home on a sea level traverse trip at cable bay. Two other groups went on separate mountain walks, and with some determination made it to the top of Y Garn, and 
Elidir Fawr.

Enjoying the Tyrolean

Just hanging around at Cable bay

Enjoying the views at Llyn Idwal 

Taking it one step at a time