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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Water Water everywhere!

Today saw our intrepid young adventurers braving the waters of Lyn Padarn in a variety of craft. Some consisted of your usual canoes, whilst others involved a more DIY approach! Whichever way they got onto the lake, you can be sure they spent more time in the water, than on it!
I can fly!

Intense concentration!

The groups who headed out for a beautiful morning stroll to Cwm Idwal, met with majestic waterfalls cascading donw in the Cwm. The views throughout, were breathtaking a brought a smile to everyones faces.
Nice Views!

We will all be sad to see them head home tomorrow, but look forward to meeting their fellow pupils, for more adventures over the next few days.
We made it!


Monday, 27 June 2016

Marvelous Monday!

Well the weather has held off in Wales for at least one more day so the groups were out the centre at the crack of dawn in order to get the most out of the day. Two groups headed to a very scenic Cwm Idwal whilst another two stayed closer to the centre. One went canoeing on Llyn Padarn whilst the others headed for the dizzying heights of Lion Rock.

No lions spotted today - PHEW!
 Our group this week are here to become more independent and this is not only achieved by participating in activities to boost their self confidence, but pushing the young people to be an active part in the 'behind the scenes part of the week. The young people are making their own lunches, washing the dishes, serving meals and making their own beds. This allows the students to have brilliant experiences during their activities and skills they can even use in their own home!

 (*note: This is no guarantee and Blue Pris takes no responsibility for any unmade beds or dirty dishes as a direct or indirect result of a visit to Blue Peris mountain centre. All rights reserces T&C's apply.)
Timing canoe strokes requires immense teamwork.
 Two groups combined after their walk to Cwm Idwal nature reserve this morning for a spot of raft building. This helped students towards another one of their aims of talking to new people as it was a tight squeeze on the raft and with a race on the cards there was a lot at stake!
Next stop - Ireland?
All of the groups did a brilliant job of adjusting to centre life and this even were out again on the centres purpose built low ropes course, night line and problem solving equipment, what better way to round of a day in the great outdoors?

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Wondeful weather

Another wonderful day in sunny Snowdonia and a very busy Blue Peris. Three groups headed up into the mountains whilst another three headed underground. The weather was so good the miners almost came back this evening with a sun tan!

The groups out on the hill were a pleasure to work with, stretched, but confidently rising to the challenges the north wales mountains have to offer and with great success.

The miners underground had a 'blast' and enjoyed some local history, as well as concurring some fears.
The great outdoors indeed!

Is this camera working?

Ghosts of miners past?

Thumbs up for some underground climbing!

Team mining with big smiles!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Beautiful North Wales

Again today the glorious weather was being taken advantage of by our group.
Two groups headed over to the Isle of Anglesey to enjoy some sea level traversing.

With the other groups heading underground and into the gorge.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Totally awesome Tuesday!

The group continued on their amazing adventures today, with the weather taking a decidedly better turn.
Once again, we saw groups off to explore the beautiful isle of Anglesey and play along the sea cliffs and zawns ( a few managed to jump in too!)

Whilst others played on the lakes ( and managed to jump in, are we seeing a pattern here?), swapping over halfway through the day to climb at Lion Rocks.

Whilst two groups went off to explore the Afon Ddu gorge, which gain involved getting wet (I guess its just one of those days!).

All in all they look happy and tired tonight, and its off to the beach now for an evening game of football!
I hope none of them think of jumping in!!!

First Day Fun!

First day activities for our groups.

Our first group went scrambling across the rock sea cliffs in Anglesey, along with lots of rock jumps and a scary tyrolean.



Our Next 3 groups all went to the Afon Ddu gorge, which translates to the Black River in English. Here they all scrambled up the gorge, did some natural water slides, squeezed in between some tight gaps and jumped in to the big pool at the top. 


Our Final two groups went for a lovely morning canoe paddling on our local lake, Llyn Paddarn before going rock climbing on Lion Rocks, working directly towards our aims of this week of becoming a good team and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.


Friday, 10 June 2016

Heatwave hits Blue Peris

Well, the group certainly have struck lucky this week, with either blue skies ( hot) or slightly cloudy ( muggy and hot). Who says we get no summer in North Wales?

Taking a break in the gorge

They've managed to cope with the heat though, mainly by finding any available source of water and jumping into it! They managed to jump into every pool in the gorge and equally spent a lot of time jumping into the lake ( when they were supposed to be canoeing!). Who can blame them though, when the weather is this good?

Are there more fun ways to cool down?
Extreme Bath time!

When they weren't jumping into water, they were busy hiding from the sun down the slate mines, exploring the caverns ( I bet no one wanted to jump into water down there!).

Cool Mines
They couldn't escape the suns  rays whilst rock climbing though, but the concentration and effort probably took their mind of the heat.

Climbing in the sun.
Good Effort!