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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Knot Club - Nightline - Climb - Kayak! What a day

A very full on day for the years 8-10's today with a mixture of very wet and very dry activities, from kayaking to climbing, nightline to knot club..

First off was a lovely morning on kayaking where the students all learnt some new skills and played numerous balance and wet games.

Then our students when to Union Rock (which is where the previous miners had union meetings in secret). Here they all pushed themselves climbing and abseiling and also starting their adventure off learning about knots.

In the evening we had a very wet nightline adventure. In which the students had to use their communication skills and teamwork to navigate around an assault course, all completely blindfolded.

And to finish the evening off we had a special knot club at the request of many students, where they learnt a whole range of knots, including some quite advanced ones; rethreaded figure 8, stopper knot, figure 8 on the bite, clove hitch, Italian hitch, alpine butterfly, bowline, double bowline, bunny ears, and a slip knot.

Know just to see if they can remember them all and put them in use for the days activity tomorrow, where they will go off and explore the great deep dark depths of North Wales.



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