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Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Winter is coming!

Fantastic day today! The activities the school groups took part in today facilitated a focus into developing core aims i.e. independence, personal organisation and stepping out of our comfort zones. A very successful and important day delivered by our Blue Peris staff!

In additon, both groups having amazing resilience to the very low temperatures recieved today. One group taking on the mighty gourge Afon Ddu. wading through water, scrambling on rocks and even taking on the challenging jump into the water pool at the end. The second group exploring Wrysgan slate mine. every individual facing a personal challenge down there, whether that's the dark, heights or the unknown. However, they all came out with big smiles and positive comments. One person even said that they have a new perspective on life and thinks what they have achieved has been life changing.
Brilliant news for us here at Blue Peris!

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