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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Variety is the spice of life

Another beautiful (ish) day in Snowdonia! Its been a pretty "full on" week so far, with groups pushing themselves pretty hard, with great results!
For some it was a relaxing day on the lake, with time spent both in an d out of the boats, utilising both open canoes and Sit-on-top kayaks, then off to Pete's Eats for a well deserved hot chocolate with all the trimmings, before a very,very wet evening on the Nightline.

Fun on Padarn

Looking cool?!


Other headed up Snowdon, enjoying the amazing views around the them. Did they make? You'd better ask them!
Which way is the beach?
climb every mountain!
A couple of other teams headed over to Anglesey to enjoy some very exciting Coasteering, jumping, swimming and climbing along the coastline.
Coasteering on Anglesey
Can you see any jellyfish?
Some very,very tired looking people this morning, but all with smiles on their faces! Todays weather looks amazing, so hopefully it will be more of the same!

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