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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Great Gorge Gathering

After a quiet night at Blue Peris the groups were well rested and after a great day yesterday were all buzzing to get out on their mystery activity, but what was it?

Gorge scrambling!

The groups were soon suited up an off on a stunning drive over to the Avon Ddu or the 'Black River'

Rushing out of centre mean no time to shower - quickly rectified in the  gorge.

The groups were working on the same aims as yesterday with a real focus on communication and working as a whole group supporting each other with minimal input from the instructors to give them a real feel of ownership.  The groups stepped up to the mark and worked very well today. Under the watchful eyes of Blue Peris staff the students from Liverpool helped each other up waterfalls, supported each other along rocky traverses and even belayed each other up rock faces all with great instructions, briefs and feedback given by the students.

Future instructors / leaders in the making?

To top the day off the students were rewarded with stunning views and a pool to jump into at the top of the gorge. Then it was back to centre to prepare for tomorrows activity, which is..?

Well, all I can tell you, is that it involved bit of old aeroplane tyres.

Team 3 having a blast in the gorge.

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