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Monday, 30 November 2015

Inner Chimp

This evening the centre manager ( Mark ) was luckily enough to get a ticket to go and see Sir David Brailsford.  Being a very keen cyclist since an early age this was a fantastic opportunity for Mark.  Sir Dave was giving his talk at a local school to the centre Ysgol Brynrefail. ( Ysgol means school in Welsh and Brynrefail is the name of a local village. )

Sir Dave was a pupil at the school being brought up in the village just down the road from Blue Peris. He is very proud of being Welsh,  the area he was brought up in and still visits on a regular basis friends and family here.   It was a great honour to have Sir Dave speaking at the school and giving the local people a chance to meet and listen to him talk about his journey in life.

For those of you not having heard of Sir Dave, he is the person who changed British Cycling.  The UK is now looked upon,  in envy,  by every other country in the world in view of track and road cycling.

Alongside numerous gold medals for track cycling in a variety of Olympics, Sir Dave took the UK to it's first ever Tour De France win and then a another 2 Tour De France wins ( by Chris Froome ) within a 4 year time span.   All with Team Sky. Quite impressive.

One of the strong messages to come from Dave, was have a dream, or many dreams,  then go and work hard at trying to achieve these dreams.  Stay focused , work hard and do not give up. Have values in life and stick to these. It was interesting to here him say that he values effort often more than results. Yes you need results, but effort accounts for a lot in life.

So for any young person reading this post, take note,  go and dream, believe in your dreams, work hard have values in life and stick to them. Do not let others around you drag you down.

This fits nicely into what Blue Peris promotes on our courses. Its not about results its about the process and the positive values we have have of each other and life. Finally,  as many of the young people that visit us find out, they achieve what they thought was impossible and that is in between 5-7 days. Imagine what they can achieve in a lifetime if given the opportunity.

So to the inner chimp. I will let you google that !

Mark the Blue Centre manager in action, realising Sir Chris Hoy makes it look easy

The whacky side of the Tour De France

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