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Saturday, 7 November 2015

You might well ask why ?

What is it that attracts certain outdoor folk to head off and explore caves ? An afternoon of crawling, at times flat out and in water. ( good move wearing our wet suits under our waterproofs toady ) Other times stooping and cursing ones back.

Maybe it is the knowledge that caves are quite inspiring environments,  formed by nature over many years and that not many people actually get to see the wonders they offer.   Calcite curtains, stalagmites and tights and fossils there are a few impressive caves to be found in North Wales.

Sol one of our trainees is dead keen for exploring mines and caves of later and has no issue of squirming off up some muddy low level passage.

A good day off work ! We thought so.

Would we go back, definitely and next time taking more ropes and ladders with the view of abseiling down too the lower level , having found some fixed anchors.

Some rather poor pictures not quite selling it for some 

Loving it- Caving North Wales at Blue Peris Mountain Centre 

A lot better as it was deeper and lower earlier

Back to the real world

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