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Monday, 2 November 2015

November- No way ! Its far to warm and sunny

Today the group arrive from Liverpool in record time and were straight out on mystery activities!

The group are here to work on their reflective practice, teamwork and time management whilst they get the know their new year group. All in an unseasonably sunny Snowdonia, where we have marked the first few days of November with a heatwave, surely better than lectures no!?

Its KNOT as easy as it looks you know!

Once they returned with vouchers from the orienteering markers for materials to build rafts no time was wasted in constructing lake worthy vessels to transport the team to undisclosed checkpoints around the sun lit lake.

After some brief teamwork orientated 'brain teasers' the students were sent off to use their brains, maps and teamwork to find some orienteering markers down at Llyn Padarn. With not enough time to get them all in one group would they split up and get back on time? Of course they did - and with time to spare!

Tip top teamwork & timing 

To prove they had reached the checkpoints they were given the cameras to document their triumphs. What trip to North Wales would be complete without a Snowdon selfie?

Super smiley students Snowdon selfie!

Made it to the checkpoint - quick! Get a photo!

 Once the checkpoints were completed the group headed back to the minibuses as the sun was setting, a beautiful first day wasn't finished yet.  Once the groups were back and sorted they began their reflective practice workshops discussing how to improve their efforts for future team tasks.

Stunning scenery and terrific teamwork

What's in store for the students tomorrow? They have no idea so you'll have to wait and find out!

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